Hi, I'm Sarah. A college student who is currently studying Pharmacy, although that might change in the future because I am a person with an existential crisis who still can't decide what is it that I truly want :P

I am a huge Movie / TV / Manga/Anime fan and lots of other things and I come to Tumblr to talk (cry) about my FEELS :D

Also, I'm from Egypt, the land of pyramids, revolutions, among other things :)
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Anime Fangirl meme: ship [1/15] 

↳Bleach: Kurosaki Ichigo x Kuchiki Rukia

“”If you’re afraid of losing, just get stronger.If you’re afraid of not being able to protect your friends, swear to get stronger until you can protect them.If you’re afraid of the hollow inside you… Just get stronger until you can crush him.If you don’t want to listen to others, then hold your chin up and yell those words to yourself ! That’s the kind of man you have been in my heart, Ichigo!””