Hi, I'm Sarah. A college student who is currently studying Pharmacy, although that might change in the future because I am a person with an existential crisis who still can't decide what is it that I truly want :P

I am a huge Movie / TV / Manga/Anime fan and lots of other things and I come to Tumblr to talk (cry) about my FEELS :D

Also, I'm from Egypt, the land of pyramids, revolutions, among other things :)
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November 19 2011 is a significant date to me and to the Egyptian Revolution. It marks the beginning of the second wave of the revolution that started on the 25th of January 2011 and that still haven’t reached it’s goals yet..

November 19 2011 was a chance to save the revolution and everything that I believed in.. Lots of people died, were injured, lost eyes trying to achieve what the people who died on 25 January dreamed of and died defending. And now all of those who died left their hopes, dreams, hearts and souls with us, us who still believed in this revolution and us who stayed alive..

We still haven’t made any of their dreams and hopes for this country come true, and we still couldn’t even make those who was responsible for killing them pay. The country that they gave their life for is still being governed by those who helped in killing them. And we’ve got nothing to do but mourn and keep trying to make their dreams of seeing this country shine real.

we’ll keep this revolution going until every last dream of theirs came to life, so that they can rest in peace knowing that they didn’t die and sacrifice in vain.

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